If you just want to see telemetry, point your browser at a running instance of the server (for instance at a launch we will be running a server in mission control)

To install locally follow these instructions:


Read about python virualenv’s!

Make sure you have python and pip

$ sudo apt-get install python2.7 python-pip virtualenvwrapper


If this is your first time using python virtual environments, remember to kill your shell and open a new one after installing virtualenvwrapper for the first time (you only have to do this once).

To build the javascript you need coffeescript:

$ sudo apt-get install nodejs npm

Install globablly, since you might want this for other projects.:

$ sudo npm install -g coffee-script

Now you can build the js:

$ make build

For the server, create a python environment to run in:

$ mkvirtualenv psas-telemetry

Install python dependencies:

(psas-telemetry)$ pip install -r requirements.txt


Start the telemetry server. If you changed some scripts, don’t forget to rerun make build.:

(psas-telemetry)$ ./telemetry.py


Once the rocket is sending data and the backend server is running, simply navigate to http://localhost:8080 to start seeing data.